Saturday, November 8, 2008


It's 3:02 am and I'm still awake at this unholy hour. I'm restless (obviously) and uncomfortable. My eyes are so heavy and my body fatigued, yet my mind is bouncing in eighty million directions. He had it right. So did they.

Have you ever turned on a song that demanded a powerful reaction, that evoked instant emotion, or created that feeling in your throat like you're about 3 seconds from tears. I love those. I need those.

We gallery strolled tonight. The early evening was fantastic. It was filled with music that drifts through your soul. A painting that drew me inside. Poetry that captured my heart. Moments I wanted to suspend in time. Then there was that sweet sorrow of emotion and pain. The conjuring of memories. A time to which seems further away than the years tell me it is. And a place where emotions always burn.

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