Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Things I thought about while walking from the JFSB to the HFAC:
  • I walked through literally hundreds of spinning helicopters which made me think of butterflies which caused my mind to jump to this event (which I still think about several times a day) which made me think of them which made me think of him.
  • It got warmer this afternoon which made my scarf and coat seem more like baggage than protection from the cold. As I walked, my fingers undid the 5 black buttons that fasten my coat and when I was finished putting the fifth button back through the buttonhole, my coat was flapping open in the breeze created by a combination of my fast pace and the blustery day. I felt like Neo from the Matrix. It was like a power trip.
  • Some girls have bigger derrières than other girls. Duh. But bigger girls need to know that when they wear skirts, they are a good six inches shorter in the back if they've got a honky tonk-badonkadonk. So when these darling girls think they are innocently abiding by the Honor Code, they're really giving everyone behind them a slightly flashy show. What's worse, pretending not to notice? or telling them outright?

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