Monday, January 12, 2009


Ardently = avid online shopper. As such, I feel it my duty to open the eyes of those around me to the wonders of clearance sales, eco-friendly, fairly traded finds, and crafty online boutiques made available to the savvy digi-shopper. I don't think I've bought a book at retail price for over two years. Seriously.

I told BrightBoy to hop on the savings bandwagon, assuring him that shipping is hardly an issue when you're getting the item at 98% off anyway, and he bought textbooks outside of the incredibily overpriced, monopolizing bookstore on campus for the first time in his life. I was stunned.

My fingers have been crossed ever since. The books got delayed in shipping. One was sold out before the transaction went through so he had to reorder with another seller. It was possible another would never come. . . He was aprehensive, and all I wanted was for him to have the joy and satisfaction that I find in buying something for a steal-of-a-deal online, and then getting a parcel in the post! I maintain: there's nothing better.

The other night the two of us were studying and he pulled out one of his online gems. As soon as he cracked the spine I smelled something vaguley familiar. The sort of smell that transports you somewhere, like you smelled something once that was specific to that place, and you stored it away for nostalgia's sake. Like the smell of Barbie's or the hospital. After burying my nose in the pages for a few seconds it hit me. The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. As much as I tried to focus after that, it was all but a lost cause. Rather than doing a series of practice problems for my test, I day dreamed about ligers instead.

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