Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So this is what it feels like to live inside a snowglobe. Until this afternoon, I don't think I had seen the sky since last Friday. It was so refreshing to walk out of my class today and step onto sunlit walks, sparkling with melting snow. At work I can look out the window and see blue sky, sharply contrasted against the starkly white mountains. As much as I wish it were 90 degrees and sunny outside, there is something magical about the winter months.

Night falls earlier, and the people all return to their cozy living rooms when the sun goes down, but somehow the stillness outside is in anticipation for something. Like the whole world is waiting to jump back to life. It's quiet, yes, but not a lifeless, idle quiet. It's a clean, calm quiet. An encompassing queit. A thick quiet. And somehow, it doesn't get dark like it does in the warmer months. Every bit of light is reflected off a million tiny snowflakes that make Night glow in a haze of light. It looks like magic.

I paused in wonderment last night, after taking BrightBoy home, to look up and feel like I was staring at a sky not so far away. Everything felt close and calm. I felt the weight of the sky, like an embrace around my shoulders helping me understand the beauty of Winter. After the weight lifted, I was left to myself. Beaming.

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caro said...

"how come winter stars are clearer than in spring?" - something i am thinking about constantly in winter. i love looking at the stars these times - meissen is a winter wonderland. only disadvantage of the clear sky is the temperature: -20°C (-4°F). the elbe is freezing up, it looks scenic and arcane, i wish i could share this sight with you. hope you are doing well.

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