Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Me Love You

on North Temple and Main Street
on the driveway
at Diego's
on the porch
at the Heritage Halls Central Building
in the Defender
at 350 N Main St # 600
in the Range Rover
in Brian
at Nun's Park
in a the JFSB parking garage
Row 23498234 Seats 29384 and 23984
at the Gateway
in the Varsity Theatre
in the Avenues parking garage
in Mark's garage
in Spark
on a tube
in a corn maze
in the Pardoe
in my garage
in the carport
on a run
while OlderAndWiserToo was driving
in most of the rooms in the basement of the MARB
in the De Jong
in the Terrace
on 3rd floor of the HFAC
on the 5th floor of the HFAC
in Elizabeth's office
at 7Eleven
in the Provo Library
at Sammy's
on the corner of Center and Freedom
in the secret cave
in front of LittleRed
in the Science/Maps
in the Periodicals
right next to Tchaikovsky
in front of the MARB
in the Kennedy Center
behind Doodler's back

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