Thursday, February 5, 2009


It always impresses me how principles or lessons seem to come in waves. They inevitably ebb and flow with the rest of life, but it inspires me how the Lord speaks to us in multiple settings all at once to ensure that the message gets across. There was a time in my life when I was a senior in high school where it felt like everything I read, multiple lessons, and conversations all revolved around womanhood. What strength there is in stalwart women.

The current phase I find myself in is one in which the focus of everything around me seems to be magnifying the importance of the temple and the ordinances participated therein. Reading in my class has been revolving around sections where the Lord revealed specific ordinances to the early saints. Learning about some of these ordinances in a historical context makes me excited for when I get to enter the temple in a just a few short months. It is incredible to me that the event I have been preparing for since I was small and thinking about seriously since I was a Beehive is so close to taking place. I am anxious to continue to know my Father better by going through his Holy House.

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Anne said...

Can't wait to take you, babe.

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