Tuesday, April 28, 2009


You might have thought that finals, a wedding, moving out, and packing to move across the country might have killed us off, but not so. We survived the weekend and have found ourselves cozy in our little basement apartment. Welcome to the life of a newly wed.

Yesterday we had quite the experience during our first official day in DC. We walked half the city before getting cussed out by an angry man on the bus (I'm going to make Husband--since graduated from BrightBoy--write more about this), and finally made it to Husband's swearing in for the new job. After we trekked out to my soon-to-be place of work and fell in love with the area. The woman I'm working for asked our ages and after we told her, rather than taking a deep sigh, crossing herself and praying that our young and ignorant lives wouldn't be shattered by the insanely big commitment we just made at the rip old ages of early-twenties, she congratulated us on having the courage to get married.

It. was. so. refreshing.

She even cited a recent article in the Washington Post's outlook section that talks about the benefits of getting married young. We looked at eachother and did a mental high-five.

By the time we dragged out tired bodies in the door and downstairs it was 8 o'clock, making for a nice, even 12 hours in the city.


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