Monday, May 11, 2009


I have learned in my few days of marriage some fundamental differences between Husband and my take on food.

For Husband, the experience of eating needs to be nothing beyond getting calories in his body as a means of functioning, and on an extremely basic (nearly Spartan) level, I'd agree. But for me, eating is a pleasure, an experience unto itself, a chance to let tastes mingle and palate enjoy.

This is why he had roasted peanuts and tuna for breakfast. And I skipped out.

I think we need to go grocery shopping.

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katie morgan said...

Just wait Paigey, it gets worse! I happen to know that you love to snack (as do I) and boys just DON'T. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Vince doesn't enjoy to eat constantly... And it's not just me, nearly all the newlywed women I come into contact with have the same dilemma. I have tried everything from buying Vince's favorite snacks to literally threatening him into snacking... Nothing works long term. Good luck!

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