Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I had quite the range of experience yesterday while walking down F St. NW. Husband and I had just had lunch and my afternoon to-do's included going to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and changing our tickets. (We got some from two of my most brilliant friends at a bridal shower, but turns out we're going to Philly for the weekend, so we changed them to tomorrow night). I had the address, 2700 F St. I was already on F St., so I figured I'd just walk the straight line to the Kennedy Center and enjoy the city. Enjoy I did. On my way there I saw:
  • Bagpipers outside the grand opening of some tall building
  • While I was walking a man was nearly by my side for blocks muttering, "You lookin' at the devil? Devel's lookin' at you" repeatedly for minutes on end.
  • The National Bank
  • The White House. As I was finishing my walk past it I saw numerous security and police personel filing out, so I hunkered down on the closest bench because I could feel something big was about to happen. The sound of sirens came into earshot, and preceeded by the Presidential Motorcade, Mr. Obama himself came home. Welcome Mr. President.
  • A man waiting at the crosswalk a few blocks later decided then would be a good time to put on deodorant. Arm and Hammer.
  • George Washington University
  • Watergate
  • A man fully dressed in a suit complete with briefcase riding a souped up razor scooter to work. I had to stifle my giggles.

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Wendy said...

What a cool afternoon. Margot is 8and really wants to go to DC. She read all of these Capital Mystery books that take place in all the cool places in DC. We just might have to do that. Reading about your experiences there reminds me that I haven't been there for years.....

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