Monday, May 4, 2009


It was the second time pulling onto the street that our driveway is on. This time another car was at the four-way stop. We had our blinker on to turn right and we couldn't figure out why the car was in the dead center of the road we were trying to turn onto. Husband had to drive on the sidewalk a bit to squeeze by and our pass was accompanied by honking and a dumbfounded stare from the girl driving the other car. She motioned to the sign above her car which read in bold black letters "One Way" accompanied by an even larger black arrow.


Luckily our driveway is only 200 feet from the intersection, so we quickly dodged in, but we decided we need to find an alternate route home. Just in case we cause a head on collision.

Driving in the East is full of surprises. One ways, speed "humps," 8-way stops . . . we're learning new things every day.

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