Wednesday, June 24, 2009


One leg. 23 mosquito bites. Welcome to summer in the DC swamp. It wouldn't be so bad, the average person probably only sustains a few bites here and there. But A) mosquitoes love me and B) I spend my days at the park or building forts (which Mikey started and it is quite impressive). My first stop on the way to work this morning was to get some Cortisone Cream and some bug spray to try and fight back.

Fireflies! They are so magical. I remember the first time I saw them. I was out here two years ago and walking around the monuments at night with Lil'Lou. I literally thought I was suddenly dizzy and seeing stars. I asked her if I was dizzy and she looked at me like, "What? How should I know?" But then we were both convinced that we were dizzy until Marmo called us on our stupidity and pointed out that they were fireflies. Duh. I have become obsessed. Mikey got a good laugh last night when he came into the kitchen and I was reading up on how they make themselves light up. I was curious and this is the BLESSING OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY. Worlds of information are at your finger tips.

This morning Mikey yelled from the shower (aka the other side of the room) "Paige, do you know where my glasses are?!" He sounded panicked. I was still laying in bed at this point and so I fumbled around with my hands before drowsily answering, "Uh, no." "There's a big bug in the shower and I have to see it so I can get it out." I got out of bed and handed him my glasses. "No. I'm not wearing those." "Why? It's just to kill a bug. We basically have the same prescription." He slapped them on his face and next thing I know is whacking at the bug in the shower--WHICH WAS ON--with the ENTIRE PAPER TOWEL ROLL. Now I ask, why didn't he just grab a single paper towel and grab it? Who knows. All I know is that it looked like a light brown feather. It was big. And fluttery. And centipedey.


Lindsey said...

I laughed out loud at the Michael in the shower post. He has never been the same since wrapping up in a towel with a big June bug inside it at the beach.

Michelle said...

Love your new header... cute, cute, cute.

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