Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I was at work yesterday when I got a phone call from Mikey, "Hey love, we're stuck underground--the train is moving really slo--" and then he cut out. I wasn't too worried. I had my own 2 hour commute a few weeks ago when a train in front of us with technical problems kept stalling. But after PapaBear sent me a text asking if we were on the Red Line and if were alright, I got a little panicky. Mikey was coming to meet me on the Red Line.

Luckily, I heard a knock moments after that text and Mikey came in and pulled me close. I called PapaBear and he was the first to tell me about the crash on the Metro that, up to that point, was reported to have killed just one person. I hadn't had a clue. I spend my day with little boys talking about space, drawing pictures of rockets, and racing to the next street corner. Current events seem worlds away.

Current reports on the accident say the death toll is up to 9. We got an email last night from our Bishopric, asking us to check on our home and visiting teachees, especially those who live alone, and make sure that our numerous ward members who travel that stretch of track every day were alright.

We feel so blessed to have our prayers answered everyday. When events like this take place I so quickly remember all of the ways that our prayers for safety each morning are answered. Mikey and I have felt the hand of the Lord in our lives so frequently as we have begun our lives together, and we are continually finding that by relying on him, our lives are more rich, and full, and safe!

This morning the Metro was reverent. I traveled on the red line on the second leg of my commute and the tone of the passenger's voices were hushed. It was like we were collectively remembering and thanking. A woman behind me was telling the woman next to her that she had a sister on the train just ahead of the one that was hit. Another man said that he had a co-worker on board one of the trains in the accident but miraculously walked away completely unscathed. 

As we zoomed down the dark tunnels beneath the hustling life above ground it felt, in a small way, like we were close to those who would soon be buried there. There was an unspoken understanding that we need to remember them and remember also, how we are blessed.


Lindsey said...

Thank goodness you are both okay. What a blessing!

Linae said...

i got so scared when i heard it on the news. and i felt so helpless.
thanks for the relieving entry. i love you both!

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