Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here are just a few pictures to brief you on some happenings (or give you visuals to those you already know about).

Last Friday after our day with Mimic we took a walk over to Georgetown and got caught in a downpour. Then we went and saw Up. We both cried. (We highly recommend it and after hearing about it for weeks on NPR and reading about it in the Post, we weren't disappointed. But it was odd to be in a children's movie with a bunch of geezers. I guess they all heard the reports too).

Babysitting, babysitting, babysitting . . . I have become a human napkin. I leave Mimic's house everyday smeared with three meals. Maybe I should be the one wearing the bib.

We walked home from the Smithsonian of American Art Museum and found this secret path behind some row houses just east of the Capitol. It is always so fun to share adventures together. Including . . .

Here is a picture from the flood. Yes that is Michael. Sweeping. Inches and inches of water. This is before Lorenzo arrived and sucked up the water with his Shop-Vac. (Thanks Lou).

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Linae said...

oh i know the human napkin thing.. :) i'm sure ypu're doing a wonderful job with mimic.

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