Wednesday, June 3, 2009


There's never a dull moment 'round these part.

Tonight's excitement? A flood. Literally.

We were Skyping Marmo and Mogli when the storm really broke loose. We kept hearing booming thunder and lightning cracks outside our tiny basement windows. Soon a funny sound started coming from the bathroom and Mikey got up to check it out. It was the toilet. And it was gurgling. (At this point I prayed sewage wasn't about to blow out of the john). Soon we started to hear a leaking sound and when Mikey looked behind him he quickly got my attention and pointed out the steady stream of water that was pouring in from the cracks in our back door.

Needless to say the call ended then and there.

I ran upstairs asking for a little assistance and Mikey ran outside to see if he could fix the problem (When he opened the door to try and get out the back from downstairs, there was water nearly up to his waist kept at bay by the glass of the security door). By the time I got back downstairs the entire kitchen was flooded with nearly two inches of water.

We called the landlord.

His name is Lorenzo and he quickly got here and sprung into action with his Shop-Vac. To be honest, the kitchen floor has never looked so clean. And bonus, it inspired me to vacuum the rest of our place. As in, the ONE ROOM that makes up "our place."

Now all is well. We're clean and dry and happy to have finally met our elusive landlord. I was beginning to think he was some sort of esoteric being . . .


Anne said...

So that's what happened. I'm glad all is well and that you didn't get a chocolate fountain!

La Penseuse Viable said...

Paigey. This is so great. I'm glad you are having wondrous adventures. And ps I luurrve your banner. So adorbs.

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