Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's no secret that I'm a Mormon. It has come up a few time while I'm at work. Once when I mentioned that I missed my bike, Mimic's father, EnthusiDad, recalled, "Oh yeah, aren't bikes some big Mormon thing? I see pairs of bikers in ties sometimes . . ." I laughed a bit and then told him a little about the missionaries and explained that more than it is a "Mormon" thing, it's a practical thing. Bikes are cheap, efficient, fast, etc. But Mormons have continued to come up in conversation while I've been here.

I saw a DVD of This American Life, a TV version of my all-time favorite podcast and NPR radio show. When I told Ethusidad that I loved the podcast he said, "Oh you should watch the DVD sometime when Mimic is down for her nap." That was over a week ago, and I never really asked him how to figure it out or anything. But yesterday he mentioned that he and his wife were watching it over the weekend and there was a bit on a Mormon painter. Knowing that I am both a Mormon and a painter he thought it might be of interest to me.

I sat down and began watching it with such a critical eye, trying to extrapolate the different ways that what they were presenting could misrepresent the church and a people. I've found myself becoming increasingly attentive to how we're presented and represented as a church. I scrutinize. Intensely. For the most part I thought the show did a pretty good job of not making us look like lunatics. That's good.

I brought my scriptures with me to work yesterday. I was hoping to use a portion of Mimic's naptime to read and study. But after EnthusiDad had me watch what he termed as "The Mormom Show" I felt a little weird about whipping out my triple combination. I didn't want to come off as pious 20-year-old or anything. OH WAIT. Missionaries anybody? But I got them out anyway, hoping that he wouldn't come downstairs until I was done.

Like clockwork he descended the stairs to get his mid-afternoon Coke. He asked me what I was reading and I said I was studying a passage in the Book of Mormon. He asked if it was some sort of church mandate to read the scriptures. I then explained that no, it wasn't compulsory that we do so, although they do encourage it. But I choose to read mine everyday because I feel myself becoming closer to the person I know I can and want to be. He thought this was admirable, but quickly went upstairs to work.

It has been incredible to be in the mission field and I feel myself growing in understanding and courage. The Book of Mormon I ordered came this morning. I've made a goal to give at least one away while I'm here.

It'll be a piece of cake.


Hosander said...

My mom has one of his prints - the last supper I think. He uses homeless guys as models.

hanna anderson said...

Oh Paige you are just so thoughtful. I really admire you for being so open and willing to share about the chruch it makes me want to be that way.

M is for... said...

I watched that segment of "This American Life" and cried.It was incredible.Also, blogspot is making me type "plimfkqv" so this comment will show up on your page. Whatevs.

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