Tuesday, July 14, 2009


One of Mikey's Co-workers loaned us bikes for a few weeks which has been both a blessing and a curse (I don't think my ischium will ever be the same. On a side note: I just googled "ischium" to see if I spelled it right because Blogger didn't recognize it and the top hit was, "Ischial Burstitis/Weavers Bottom" which sounds horrible. I mean really, really horrible. I don't even want to know what you'd have to do to get a weavers bottom). But in all honesty it has been so fun to ride around the city and weave--without helmets--in and out of speeding vehicles.

Mikey insisted on giving me a pump out of Somerset (where I was sitting side-saddle on the bike frame--lemmetellya, there are more comfortable places to sit around town), and I thought I would die. I haven't gotten a pump since OlderAndWiserToo forced onto her bike and if I remember correctly, I ended up in tears. I kept telling Mikey, "Long story short: I just don't pump." Obviously I got on the bike anyway. And I'll admit, aside from the permanent dent in the back of my upper thigh, I had more fun than I thought I would.

We've passed this statue everyday for months on our way home from my job. Only recently did Mikey realize, it just might be me!

Finally, we had a day trip to Gettysburg and Harper's Ferry. It was a fun day (though it started out a little rocky). Here is the one and only picture from Saturday taken on the Gettysburg Battlefield.

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Fancy Nancy said...

great film--just glad we didn't see your demise, Paige.

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