Sunday, September 20, 2009


So maybe I have the tendency to over react a titch. Maybe.

We live within a block of Cougar Stadium so with Saturday's big game, the street was packed almost all day. We put out chairs on the curb to save a few parking places for our family and moved our car to the curb as well (since contractually we can't park in our driveway on home game days or the 4th of July. A parking slot is pricey real estate on those days...)

The game started at 5 and at 4 I got a call from Lil'Lou reminding me that I was supposed to be doing her hair for the big dance that night. I had Mikey save my spot on the street with some chairs while I was away for an hour on hair duty and when I got back someone had moved the chairs and parked their ginormous SUV in my spot. I was livid.

So of course I walked straight in the house (after parking up the street) to write a note that when something like this:
Dear Cougar Fan,
We hope you're enjoying our parking spot. We are so glad you moved the chairs at your convenience to make room for your car so you could have such a nice short walk to the stadium. We had to park our car up the street and walk to our house, but don't worry, the walk was lovely.

Then I stuck the note to their car.

A few hours later we got a call from our landlords upstairs. And I realized what a dork I am. And how I probably shouldn't claim public property. And stick notes to people's cars.
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