Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Mikey and I made a real dinner tonight. Like meat, veggies, sides, salad, everything. You'd think that after nearly five months of being married we would have done this by now, but between our set-up in DC, traveling all of August, and family engagements back at home, I've hardly cooked a meal since April!

Here's a link to the corn recipe we used. Mikey loves Cholula, and I love Jackson Polluck, so it worked out pretty well.

Just a side note: We do know how to set a table and that forks go on the left, but our camera is on vacation and Photobooth reverses the picture.


katydid said...

oh my gosh paige. so i was looking at your photo and was like...hmm. the forks and drinks should be switched. and then i was like. wait. i bet paige is using photobooth. hahah. and then guess what i read? the rest of your post. but basically, this is kudos to both of us. 1 - It wasn't even a question that you didn't know how to set a table. and 2 - I deduced it perfectly. Hahah.

Jessica Zincke said...

Hey Paige! I found your blog, and I had fun looking through some of your posts! It's been forever, congrats on getting married and having a wonderful husband! And just to make you feel better, I don't think Steve and I have sat at our table to eat dinner more than once the whole time we've been married. (We do make dinner a lot...) Anyways, if you're interested, my blog is It's fun to find you in the blogging world!

Amy said...

Isn't a nice mealtime together one of the best things?? When Dustin and I were married, he had NO idea that forks go on the left side, and a knife and spoon go TOGETHER on the right one in his family fact, we recently had his brother over for dinner, and I asked him to set the table, and thought "here we go again..." Dustin quickly learned from my family's dinners :) I never questioned your knowledge of correct table settings!

ebagger said...

So glad you liked the corn! Congratulations on your recent marriage! How exciting! It only get's better, and better (4.5 years of marriage myself).

PS Great blog!


Ash said...

Hi Paige, I hope you don't think I'm a weirdo, but I really like your blog. Your table setting is beautiful, too! Have a fantastic Saturday.

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