Saturday, January 23, 2010


Was anyone else outside last night around eleven?

It. was. beautiful. and bright.

We got quite the snowfall and it made the world feel awake, quiet and still. I think one of my favorite parts of the night storms is the soft brightness it brings. (I also love how the limbs on the trees in Mom and Dad's backyard touch the ground. When you walk underneath them it feels like they're hugging you).

As Mikey and I drove home slowly, trying to soak in the wonder, we drove past the intermural fields on Canyon Road. You know, the ones with chain link fences that reach to the sky? The fences looked like giant blankets or sheets or canvas.

I wanted to shake it. So did Mikey. We parked and walked over to the mile-high chain link and laced our fingers in between the metal before thrashing our arms; causing our own personal avalanches.

It was hilarious and freezing. I think I pulled eight full-sized snowballs out of my coat.

And two more from my undies.


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