Saturday, April 10, 2010

A New Business Venture

We have a great idea. You know what Provo needs? A frozen yogurt joint. With all the freshman weary of the 15 and newly marrieds gaping at each others' muffin-tops, we could really turn a profit with this healthy alternative.

We've got a nice location, now all we need is a name. The following are already taken:
Spoon Me
Spoon it Up
Red Mango
So here are some names we're considering
Fro it Up
Spoon Zone
Spoon Yo Mango
Red Zone
Red Fro
Zone Yo
Fro Me Up
Red Fro Up
Me Spoon Yo Spoon
Fro Yo Spoon in the Zone
Spoon Up Yoasis
What's your vote?


Kelsey said...

I am literally laughing out loud. You guys are the greatest. :)

Jenny said...

You forgot hello yogurt. i have no doubt that you two will succeed in this incredibly original business venture.

mp said...

My two favorites:
Fro it up
Red Fro up

Joss said...

Oh my goodness...hilarious. A friend and I were just talking about this the other day. It's funny because once you go outside of Utah Valley you never see frozen yogurt places. People in Arkansas don't even know what it is. Haha

erin said...

fars. There's also a fars. and it's the best one in my opinion.... then again, I'm still working my way around to the other 20 establishments. ha ha. love this post paige

Tess said...

This is hilarious.

hanna anderson said...

What about Spoon Up Oasis??

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