Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miércoles, the day that sounds like miracles

We had some of Mikey's ward members over on Monday night for Family Home Evening. We were told it was just going to be one group (20 people--or less) so I decided to use up the rest of my peaches, before all 14 of them went bad, and make a big batch of peach cobbler. (I used this recipe. It was awesome. And magic. Read on).

As I sat and watched as the students arrived in groups of fours and fives I soon realized that we would have a lot more than the 14 or so students I was told to plan on. Try twice that many. Plus a few stragglers.

I went to the oven and thought what a measly offer it was for thirty-or-so people, and I blessed our trip to the grocery store earlier that day for the extra gallon of ice cream we got. We'd need every bit.

I took the cobbler out of the oven. It was hot and bubbly and smelled like the last few days of summer. I second guessed taking it up stairs. Maybe we could just settle on ice cream and chocolate sauce? I did have half a dozen pumpkin cookies from Saturday. . . Maybe this will be a lesson in sharing? Mikey can make it an object lesson? We can roll dice for dessert? Only winners in the game can eat? Only people expecting a child can eat? Girls only?

I began cutting up the cobbler and decided to cut it into 25 servings. Crazy. We served it with ice cream and I couldn't believe how full the bowls were. It was the miracle of the loaves and the fishes I tell you! Everyone ate. And it didn't seem like a pathetic excuse for a refreshment. It was more than a mouthful. It was a portion. A real life portion.

I didn't catch who gave the opening prayer and blessed the food, but they must have done a darn good job.

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