Thursday, November 11, 2010

Excuse me while I put my coat over my head and hide

The hormones struck again.

After waiting for, I kid you not, nearly 90 minutes in the waiting room at the doctor's office today, I went up to the desk to ask when I could be seen. And I started to get choked up and teary and my voice got all shaky so I had to speak louder to be understood. (Why is it that trying to hold in tears only makes you look and feel more stupid than actually crying?)  As I was wiping the few tears that sneaked out the nurse called my name. When I turned to follow her back to the exam room, I noticed that the entire waiting room was staring at me.


I'd blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but the place was chock-full of pregnant ladies and none of them were crying (but none of them had been there for an hour and a half either. . .)

After my little "episode" everyone was tip-toeing around me, making extra nice comments about my baby bump, telling me how darling my hair was, making sure I was alright. Which almost makes things worse because you feel like someone with special needs. But maybe I just am.

They took my blood pressure as per usual. It was fifteen points higher than normal. No surprise. But I have to go back to get retested when I'm "feeling a little more calm" just to be sure it's not a cause for concern. My baby also had a higher-than-usual heart rate (which was probably due to the adrenaline spike she got when I was crying in front of a dozen or so people but desperately trying to hold onto some dignity). I forget how connected we are sometimes.

And this thought made me feel extra guilty about the Halloween candy binge last weekend. Poor girl probably won't ever come out of her sugar coma.


Katie said...

haha. I am so glad I found your blog! Congrats on the pregnancy! I'm sure all the pregnant women in the waiting room could totally relate, so don't worry about it. Dang hormones.

Cait said...

You need to find a new doctor! That's ridiculous. I went to the midwives in Pleasant Grove and never waited longer than 10 minutes, and they always have a lot of patients (because they are awesome). I understand why you would be have better things to do than sit in a waiting room!

Brittany said...

You sound like I was every single day! Don't worry, it will get better! And if it doesn't, at least the end result will be a beautiful baby!

Anonymous said...

Too funny Paige! You had both me and Brandon laughing. Incidentally, as I was reading it to him I started to cry...not because I was emotional, however.

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