Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm blaming the salami

I've gotten a few questions about the salami/seagull reference in our latest edition of the week by week updates. Here it is folks:

Mikey picked up the sandwiches. Why he choose salami (cured meat? really?) is beyond me. As he got ready for work in the morning and I walked around rubbing my eyes and my belly trying to wake up we discussed various sandwich options-- salami never came up. When I asked him what brought on the sudden salami party he just said "it looked good!"and I'm beginning to wonder if he has been experiencing some sympathetic pregnancy cravings...

Whatever the reason, I had a foot long salami sandwich on my lap by noon as Mikey and I found a place to park and eat where we wouldn't get a ticket from the power-trippers that run campus. We ended up behind the Bean Museum (speaking of, has anyone else seen adds for the baby doll-animal hybrid nativities now on display at the museum? Creepy, weird and festive all at once. The bear about to eat baby Jesus' head is my favorite. No, maybe the adoring wombat).

I was ravenous by the time I got the sandwich to my lips. It had been 4 WHOLE HOURS since I had eaten anything. I snarfed half my sandwich and as Mikey and discussed our mornings I noticed a pukey feeling coming on. I got out of the car, got some air, walked around...it didn't help. Probably no more than 200 seconds after eating my sandwich the whole thing was on the parking lot, my shoes, and in my hair. Lovely huh? I hope none of the students passing by noticed.

After emptying the contents of my stomach I immediately felt better and I got back in the car and laughed. What just happened? Mikey just sat there with his mouth open in shock watching me and now the both of us were back in the car wondering if one needs to clean up after oneself in a parking lot?

Soon I noticed a seagull, and then two, and then half a dozen and then a small flock circling our car. We looked at each other knowing exactly what they wanted. The thought made me want to vomit again. I told Mikey to "oh just drive! This is disgusting. Drive! Drive!! DRIVE!!!" As soon as he moved the car the seagulls descended. Mikey kept pausing to look over his should and laugh as they picked through the barf with their beaks.

Nasty huh?

But at least it solved our clean-up quandary.

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