Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Force it

I've been forcing myself to keep busy and keep my mind off of my still-not-here-baby. I know, I know, I know . . . she's not due for 3 days . . .

To keep busy
  • I have swept and mopped the kitchen floor three times in a week.
  • I have touched up every piece of black furniture in our house.
  • I have been dusting thrice-daily. Not because it's dusty. But because I am that bored.
  • I am a week and a half ahead in my class
  • I have made/frozen a few meals (but my mom out-does me every time. I go over there and she always says, "Oh! There's _____________ in the freezer for you . . ." #1 Mom Award).
  • I finished a painting.
  • I laundered every possible piece of dirty clothing/rug/towel/rag in our house
  • I have gone on a few walks with my Mikey (I hate going out walking because I feel like everyone who passes us thinks, "Ha, suckers. That never works to start labor." But the fresh air is more of a necessity than anything)
  • I have run errands that don't even need running
And my mind still constantly wanders to the bundle in my belly. Are you already this stubborn? Are you just shy? Heck, it's 15 degrees outside, I'd probably want to hold up in there too.

But let's face it, as much as I can force "busyness," I can't force her out. Even with the 200 jumping jacks I did last night.


Jen said...
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Linae said...

awwww. the 200 jumping jacks made me almost cry out of empathy. not that i am or ever was pregnant, but i have had so many pregnant women around me lately that i can fool myself to think that i know what it must be like.
either way: i love you a lot and i wish you an end to the waiting.

Cait said...

You can come clean my house. It could use a good dusting :)

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