Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brace Yourself

I feel like I heard "Oh just wait until..." throughout my entire pregnancy and now I hear it with my newborn. Wait until she's up all night. Wait until she has an up-the-back-explosion in her cutest outfit. Wait until you're in the middle of a public place and she is crying uncontrollably.

Sure. I'm well aware that every one of these things will probably happen. But I've found that every time I encounter one of the "wait untils" it's never half as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

Like immunizations.

Look who loves getting shots! Just kidding. And I swear I do dress my child in actual clothes...she's not half-naked all the time.
Oh just wait. She'll be screaming like you've never heard. You'll need someone to hold you because you'll be crying so badly!! Well call me heartless but I didn't shed a tear. It just wasn't that bad. She let out a few wails, but was asleep before we left the doctor's office.

I was gearing up all morning for the drama! And there wasn't any. Sure, she was a little fussy that afternoon, but by bedtime she was herself again and the next day you wouldn't have even guessed she was immunized (except for her awesome Barbie and Dora Band-Aids).

I'm not trying to toot my own horn (or my baby's) like we're something extraordinary. I'm just trying to say that while people will tell you all sorts of horror stories, more than likely, you'll be just fine. Yes, there will be tears. Yes, there will be poo. Yes, there you will be tired. But moms are made of something extra tough. You'll be just fine.


The Rhodehouse's said...

Thanks for this post Paige! My baby comes in just about 2 more months. I am starting to hear all the horror stories and am getting so nervous. It's nice to hear that it's not always as bad as all the stories!!! And by the way, Ada is SO cute!!!

Rach said...

Awww. What a breath of fresh air this post is, my dear. Let me just soak it in for a moment. I have this image of maternal exhaustion that I need to get out of my head. This perspective you provide soothes me. :-)

Brittany said...

Ummm... her belly button is the best. Really, it's the most adorable thing I think I've ever seen.

Linae said...

I like this post a lot. Really. I don't understand why people would tell you all the "Wait until"s. Raising a baby is just as imperfect as life is. But that doesn't make it any less perfect. Not that I would know, obviously.. But honestly, but this is what I'd expect.

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