Monday, April 18, 2011

Doth Cliapering

Or cloth diapering if you don't have mild dyslexia like we do. . .

I've been asked for an update from a few friends on how this whole cloth diapering adventure is going. For those interested, here's my recap of the cloth diapering adventure so far.

First: Why cloth?
I have a few reasons and I think it's pretty much the same reason that everyone else these days cloth diapers.

1. Disposables are ex.pen.sive. Most estimate anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 bucks. Sure, sure, you can get GIANT BOXES of diapers at Costco on the cheap, but after asking my parents (who go with generic brands 90% of the time unless a formal test--aka "hey Paige, which of these syrups do you think tastes better?--reveals a far inferior product) if Kirkland diapers stack up to Huggies and they both gave an emphatic "NO" I decided to price out name brand diapers. Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Personally, I'd rather spend that on a hot date. Or a pedicure. Or paying hospital bills (ha).

2. Plastic disposables take 500 years to decompose (When I told my mom this she skeptically said, "What?! Disposables haven't even been around for 500 years. How they heck can they claim that?" Good point. But I believe it. Can't they do some science and figure it out?) and Americans alone toss 50 million a day. That's 20 billion a year. So while I don't expect the world to cloth diaper, and I admire mothers whether they use cloth or disposables, I feel a little less guilty by reducing the gross amount of trash I already produce.

3. They're freaking adorable. When I diaper my baby, I get the same feeling I used to get when I would put on a cute pair of undies. It's a simple pleasure.

Sporting a Golly Molly Pink gDiaper. And a Barbie Band-Aid courtesy of the Doc's.
Second: What brand?

There are an overwhelming number of choices for the new-cloth-diaperer. After a considerable amount of research, I went with gDiapers for a variety of reasons. One of which was because of the hybrid system (aka cloth and disposable--but not just any disposables. Flushable, biodegradable disposables!) I wasn't sure if the babysitting grandmas would be as excited about cloth diapering my child as I was. This also gives me a nice option when I travel or don't have time to do laundry or feel just plain lazy. I also thought the gDiapers were the cutest. Ever. The little "g" on the bum basically screams "Gee! I'm darling!" Yes, "g", yes you are. So far, I love them.

There are three parts to every diaper which seems like a lot of complication, but it's not. At all. There's the cover (the colorful exterior), a plastic, snap-in liner, and a hemp insert (the actual cloth that is next to the baby's skin). Most often, the only part I have to wash is the insert. I have 3 dozen of these and it's perfectly sufficient for full-time cloth diapering. I have 10 covers and 6 extra liners.

Our stash. Disposable inserts are folded on the left. The covers are lined up in the front, and the cloth inserts are stacked behind.
Surprisingly, I hardly ever use the disposables. I think we've used somewhere around 20 in a month and a half? The grandma's (and other babysitters) were actually totally fine to do the cloth diaper thing once I introduced them to the system. I use a wet/dry bag from Planet Wise (after a great tip from a friend). When I change a diaper, I have the clean one already loaded, swap out the dirty diaper (cover, liner and insert) and set it aside until the new diaper is on. Then I'll shake the liner and wipes into the Wet Side and put the cover/liner back in the dry side (unless it was a poopy diaper. Usually what I'll do in that case is unsnap the liner and toss both the liner and the insert into the Wet Side and put just the cover in the dry side). Basically anything dirty or wet in the Wet Side and anything clean and dry stays in the Dry Side. I've never smelled a thing and I carry this bag with me everywhere (unless I don't have Ada with me. That would be weird).

Third: Bottom line

So far, I have yet to have even a hint of a blow-out  (which is amazing considering our little Ada Lou saves them up for a good 2 or 3 days and unloads all at once) or a rash. Laundry has also, surprisingly, been a non-issue. I do it every other day which may sound killer. But guess what?! The loads are smaller so it doesn't seem as bad AND I HAVE YET TO LOSE A SOCK since we have started doing it so often. What a perk!

The cost upfront seems fairly considerable, especially when facing all the other costs that come with having a baby. But we found that by ordering through (first time users got some 30% cash back deals on diapers) it was completely affordable and HOORAY we haven't spent a dime on diapers since. (When Ada grows out of this size, however, we'll have to order the next size up...) Plus there are always sales and deals to be had. Always.

I'll keep you updated on how I like this cloth diapering business once the real poop arrives . . .

Questions? Email me. I've got a lot more where this came from.


Brittany said...

AH! I didn't know you were cloth diapering! We do too and I LOVE it. Saves us over $60 a month and the girls butts are uber adorable. We've got a little over everything, but I've never tried the disposable inserts for our gdiapers. I want to though... After this post, I might just have to go get me some.

I'm a little embarrassed at how excited I got to see this post. Seriously, I love hearing others who cloth diaper!

Brittany said...

And another thing, since we're dealing with 'real poop'. I cannot stress flushable liners enough. I'm sure you've done your research and have found that your options are either liners or a sprayer. We can't use a sprayer here because we're in an apartment and they're very particular about modifications we do (even though the sprayer can be taken off the toilet without any damage or anyone ever knowing. Lame, managers). So, I've fallen in love (yes, in love) with flushable liners. They save my diapers, save my sanity and are super, super easy.

Ok, I'll stop bombarding your with comments. Again, I think I got a little too excited to see this post. :)

hosander said...

Your Ada looks adorable in these, i totally agree with that point. However, I will tell you and you might hear this from others, but Costco diapers are actually better than any name brand I have ever used.

good work overall.

Cait said...

I love cloth-diapering too... but I have to put a plug in for a sprayer... we just got one and it's changed my life. Seriously. I'm jealous of your cute diaper stash. We use pre-folds and 90% of the time they are just thrown in some plastic bins. I love your yellow dresser and organization. Not nearly as darling.

erin said...

oh this makes me want to start up again. I've been usuing target... cheaper than costco (i think) but they do a great job as far as disposables go.

however, I love cloth! I just don't love that my bumgenius and fuzzybunz started to leak.

Are you using Rockin' green to launder?

I am seriously tempted to go buy and new stash of g-diapers... keep me posted, I praying they work marvelously for you so I can justify buying a whole new lot!!

Chelsie Troxel said...

Paige. I do not think I have ever commented on a blog. But I stalk your blog more than anyone. Hands down. So here is my comment. Could you one day show me how to do these cloth diapers. Your explanation was flawless, I just do not understand. But I really love this idea.

And you CANNOT move to Italy. Well... you can. But we will miss you so much! I am excited for you. Yesterday I looked at Jordan and asked him if we could move to Italy. He said "No. I dont speak Italian. and neither do you".

LONG comment. But I love your blog. I look at it when I am baby hungry. which is always.
love you paige ;)
And I will have to see you before you leave.

Copper said...

Should have read this sooner! My sister had a baby in January and started out with a large stash of gDiapers only to move to another brand, a much better brand. The name of which escapes me at the moment, but I promise to find out tomorrow!
Take it from the girl that changes a lot of diapers on her adorable newborn, these other ones are better and cheaper! And they grow with baby... lots of reasons, but it's late and I am too tired to think of them.

Anonymous said...

Please Help! I just started using gdiapers and they are leaving serious marks on my daughter! The liner part mainly. She just turned 2 and it does seem to bother her! She is 22 lbs so I went with medium which fit great, actually cover part is a little loose. It is just the liner. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?!

Desiree said...

Lovely post! I also chose gdiapers for diapering my third little love coming this October! I discovered cloth about 10 months after my second little love came along and it was a learning process...and still is. I don't have a wet/dry bag and didn't know what they were until I read your post. Thanks for the great insight! Oh, how exactly do you wash the inserts...I have always found that to be a bit tricky with my second little love....a few rashes :(

Paige Crosland Anderson said...

Anonymous-- I have found that the customer service people at gDiapers are extremely helpful in troubleshooting leaks, fitting issues etc. I would give them a call.

Desiree--email me at I have washing tips and things I do written up in a big email and I'd be happy to forward it to you.

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