Friday, May 6, 2011

Go you chicken fat go!

I know I've expressed similar sentiments here before but, I'm still caught off guard by what my life looks like right now. I often look at Ada and wonder, “Whose baby is this? How did she get here?” Sometimes this happens when I’m overcome by the sheer enormity of the fact that I'm her mother and the fact that I’ve brought a baby--an actual live human being--into the world.

I feel like everyday brings a new discovery for her. It's fascinating and exciting to watch as she inspects her hands and then puts it together that, "Hey! I control these." She's grabbing things and understanding more and more that she can do things she wants to do and avoid things she doesn't (or at least try to avoid).

I was telling Mike last night that while it's so fun and amazing that she can do all sorts of things now (grab things, hold her head up, do baby push-ups, baby sit-ups...) it's also a curse that she's gaining more control over her body. I used to be able to hold her head and wipe her eye or suck out her nose (two of her favorite activities) but now she's put it together that she can bat my hand away or turn her head, making me completely inefficient. Oh she's a smarty.

And a pistol already.

What a mug.

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