Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm so radical

I wish I had some dramatic reason to explain my absence from the blogosphere.

Is laziness dramatic? What about busyness?

Between throwing my dad a surprise party for his 50th, and making a family reunion video that is turning into a feature length presentation (scared, family?) and trying to entertain Ada through it all, blogging has fallen off my radar.


I have been working my way through an article entitled, "The radical act of ‘mommy blogging’: redefining motherhood through the blogosphere" by Lori Kido Lopez.

I've started forming thoughts in response to her article. But I have to finish it first. I never thought that reading 20 pages would take me a week. But then again, it took Mikey and I three days to get through Cars (anyone seen the sequel yet?). This is the new normal.

1 comment:

Elle and Jared said...

you know i already follow you! and now i officially do too.

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