Thursday, July 7, 2011

One fell off and broke her head

My babe is a mover. In fact, she rotated 90 degrees and rolled a few times only to fall off the bed today. I felt like a negligent parent when I got a phone call with my screaming child in the back ground " . . . I was gone for less than 20 seconds grabbing a diaper . . ."

I still went to the grocery store. And Mikey went home to cuddle her and make sure she didn't have a concussion. (She didn't. And we're pretty sure she landed on a pillow).

I feel like she's going to be doing cartwheels next week. The kid gets around.

We used to sing the Woody's Roundup song to Ada and changed the words to:

She's the root'-ness toot'-ness baby in the Wild Wild West!

Now we sing:

She's the scoot'-ness toot'-ness baby . . . 

Everyone is telling me to brace myself for an early walker (or knock her down when she gets up on all fours to start crawling). I have a feeling the flight to Bologna is going to be longer than we thought.

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