Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We held hands in that parking lot

Last night Mikey and I joined several members of his extended family for an evening at the movies. We met up at Thanksgiving Point and saw 17 Miracles. After, we stopped by the ice cream shop and got a chocolate soft-serve to share (when Mikey says he wants to "share" with me, it means he'll have a lick at most. I probably shouldn't complain, but sometimes he makes me feel like a hungry slug).

As we walked back to our car we stopped and had a corny oh-my-gosh-we-parked-here-once-when-we-were-dating moment. I've been replaying that night in my head over and over again ever since.

We went to see Oklahoma! at the theater in the barn during the summer of 2008. The drive up made me nervous. I could tell that things could get real serious, real quick with this boy. And I kept bouncing between wanting to put the brakes on and wishing to rev up the relationship engine.

I was a little offish until after the intermission.

Mikey left to use the bathroom and while he was gone I scooted my chair closer to his. When he got back I searched my brain for questions to ask him during the play. During was key, you see, because I had to get real close to his ear so he could hear my whispers. So close, in fact, that I'd have to touch his arm or shoulder to steady myself. (Ooo!)

We held hands. (Cute.)

And 8 months later I married him.

I asked him during scripture study last night what the exact date was that we went to the play together. He sat there for a moment, but said we could talk about it after we read. He fell asleep before I finished the chapter, but I didn't mind too much because he still held me close when I snuggled up to him.

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Beth said...

That's so cute, Paige! That sounds like something I would do--with the remembering of a past date in a specific location, wanting to know when the exact date of that past experience was, and also scooting the chair closer while my date was out of the room so I could conveniently be closer to him...


And also your thoughts on the way to the date about how things could get real serious, real fast...and not knowing if you should press the breaks or rev the engine.

Thanks for sharing your remembrances. :)

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