Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Latchey kid

I've heard it said that one of the best kept secrets of motherhood is how hard nursing is. It may be true (but you can do it!) The only "natural" part of it is that there's not a machine between you and your baby.

When Ada and I were new to the nursing scene, I spent hours reading online, flipping through books, positioning, re-positioning, wondering, and crying, What are we doing wrong?!  I was convinced for a few days that we would never get the hang of it. And in truth, it took us a good month before I felt like nursing wasn't a major battle/feat. Latching (oh latching!) became a buzz word at our house. Has she latched? Will she latch? Looks she's latched! The only thing she latches to is her freaking pacifier!!

Now the child will suck on anything. A few days ago as she laid across my legs not-so-patiently waiting for her next meal, she reached up and grabbed my elbow and started sucking on it furiously. Whoa baby! Wrong body part! And early this morning night when I picked her up, she quickly found my shoulder and started sucking away. Upon quickly realizing nothing nutritional comes out of shoulders, she threw her body back in a violent protest and started wailing.

Oh boy.


Suzy said...

I'll be honest, I'm not exactly looking forward to breastfeeding (luckily it's at least 9+ months away). Looks like you and Ada have got the hang of it, though! :)

PS, Paige, I read your blog faithfully but rarely leave a comment. Just so's ya know.

Kara Shurtliff said...

haha. I just read this and it's funny because just last night Ellery started sucking on my collar bone while I was attempting to burp her. Hungry?

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