Monday, September 19, 2011

The much anticipated flight

Guess who was a well behaved baby on the flight? That's right, Ada. I got a little fussy, but if Mikey kept feeding me snacks, I was just fine. In all seriousness though, here's how it all went down.

We got through checking our bags and security in no time at all, and had a nice little wait in the airport before taking off. The flight left right on time and Ada fell asleep right after I fed her during take off. She slept for most of the flight to Chicago. Our layover there was short--just enough time to eat, fed Ada, change her, get our boarding passes, and scurry through the gate. This flight was the one I was dreading. All 8+ hours of it.

But the best thing happened: the guy in the seat next to me moved because of the crummy leg room (I'm pretty sure we had more on this flight than any of our others...) so we had an open seat on our row. DREAM COME TRUE! We barricaded Ada in with our backpacks and she crawled around, played with toys, stood up to do some jumping, you know, baby stuff. She got a little fussy before going down for a short nap in her bassinet (also a DREAM COME TRUE) and then again when she got hungry. (By the way, feeding a baby on the airplane is so easy with the baby foods in the pouches. We didn't even use a spoon. By the end of day 2 she pretty much held it and sucked it out herself--mess free!) She slept pretty well that night until we had to wake her up at 1am Utah time to get off the plane. So while the survival kits probably weren't necessary, people appreciated the gesture regardless.

Surprise! We got to visit 5 airports rather than the anticipated 4. Jealous much? I thought so. Our flight number stayed the same but we had a layover in Madrid. I was super grumpy in Madrid. And thirstier than I have ever remembered being.

The flight to Barcelona was short and sweet. The layover in Barcelona was long and sour. I was exhausted, Ada fell and hit her head on the tile floor (and I feared it was a foreshadowing of the next 9 months of our lives), and we couldn't figure out the internet. Boo.

The last flight to Bologna was on the tiniest plane I've ever been in. Mike and I both had the same thought, "There's no way all of our stuff made all it. Especially not onto this pint-sized aircraft." Ada slept the whole time. That was a plus. She was probably the best traveler. I was probably the worst. Always hot. Always thirsty. Always grumpy. Mike held us together (as per usual).


Anna Peterson said...

Glad you made it safely! And thanks for letting us use your exemplary hyperlinking and buttoning blog for an example in Dave's lesson :)

Copper said...

I'm so glad you made it there and Ada seems to have been a dream traveler! Enjoy your time there, it will be gone before you know it.

Hugs, Annalisa

Heather and Jake said...

So relieved to hear the flight went well!

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