Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What did we do?

There was probably 9 square feet of space left in our hotel room after our bikespacked tightly in two boxeswere slid in the narrow space beside the bed, our suitcases were stacked up (four high) next to the wall, and Ada's porta-crib was unfolded. The room was cramped, hot, and it didn't smell the greatest. When I finally allowed my mind to settle, all I could think was, What have we done?
Why are we here in a city far, far away, full of people speaking languages we don't know and streets that are hard to navigate? Why did we leave our life that was close to people we love, places, sounds, and sights that were familiar, and a lifestyle that was full and good? What on earth have we done? 
I was exhausted, but I couldn't sleep. It was too hot and my mind was too blurry. I couldn't believe that in a matter of hours, my life was uprooted from almost everything recognizable.

It felt like as soon as I finally got my eyes to close and my head to shut off, Ada was awake and ready to play. For two hours. Mikey and I took 10 minute shifts until she finally wore herself out and we slept until Caro came. We overslept our meeting time. She went and got us breakfast while we got ready and packed up.

It's amazing how sleep can ground you and realign your perspective. In the daylight, my outlook was  much brighter. Mikey's school is incredible. I'm so proud of him. After meeting the receptionist and looking around a bit I felt more and more that we could do this.

We had found an apartment by lunchtime that day and moved in before dinner. It's nearly perfect and situated on an absolutely stunning street. I love our part of the city. It's clean and quite and close to the foothills but near the heart of city (the Piazza Maggiore is only a short walk away).

When I woke up Sunday morning and looked out my bedroom window I couldn't help but think, We're doing this. And it feels so right.

Ada, sleeping in our bed. The cutie.


Sonia @ My Sweet Monkey said...

Benvenuti to the Bel Paese!! You're going to love Italy!

Nicole Nielsen Ellsworth said...

Paige! Can I say that I am kind of jealous of you guys? Although, to be honest I probably wouldn't have the courage to do what you guys are doing! I can't wait to read more of your posts, you guys are going to have a blast. Good luck!

Amy and Mark said...

aww Paige I'm so so so happy for you. What a perfect picture of your Ada lou. Blog everyday...we really miss you!!!

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