Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bologna the Red

I was a student again! I got to attend a lecture last Thursday on the art history of Bologna. It was given by an Art History professor from the University of Bologna who is a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins this year (and BONUS! I got permission to attend her lectures all semester, many of which will be on site. . . to I smell a trip to Florence?)

It's funny how excited I was to graduate and be done formally student-ing, but there is something so refreshing about being in a classroom. Also, it was the first time I've had a break from Ada in a while, and I think it was healthy (for both of us) to have a few hours from each other. (Mike agreed to tend if I took "copious notes" and filled him in on everything he missed).

After the lecture I was on a bit of a Bolognese high. I want to know everything about the city. I want to visit every church. I want to know the streets. I want to memorized the order of the porte leading into the city. I want to speak the language. I want to be able to have visitors walk with me through the streets, point to a building and say, "What's that?" (or che cos'รจ?) and to be able to answer. I want to know the history.

I've got a lot of reading to do. And exploring. Mostly exploring.

The lecturer talked about the bricks that make up the city, palaces, the towers, the desire to use local materials, the ruling class, the university, the Franciscans, the Dominicans, the passing of the city from one ruler to the next, the Napoleon supporters, the Communist supporters . . .

The city is nicknamed "Bologna the Red." First, because the city is primarily red in color. The buildings are mostly made of brick and the plaster is all painted in warm reds and oranges. Second, the tendency of this town is to lean left politically because of their loss of independence early on and consequent disdain of the central power.

Looking up, a few steps from home.
 I want to know everything about this beautiful city. And then I want to share it with all of you. Bored yet?

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Amy and Mark said...

not at all!!!! You need to WRITE about the city and PAINT it too!!!

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