Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Relish in all that is good

How did you watch conference?

We streamed it live on Saturday night (the "morning" session started at 6:00 pm) but fell asleep midway through the afternoon session (from 10pm - midnight!)

I watched priesthood with Mike the next morning and Sunday night we did a repeat of the above schedule. The meetings were broadcast at our church, but they weren't in English so we opted to get a little more out of it (and have the convenience of not toting Ada to the church) and watch all the sessions from home.

I actually loved watching conference in the evening. We had dinner, watched conference, put Ada down between sessions and were able to watch part of the second session without the darling distraction pictured below.

Ada in the convent garden adjacent to the Basilica of San Domenico
 Saturday afternoon Mikey and I went to clean the church. He signed us up and I was glad because I don't feel like we're really able to serve and contribute in our ward because we don't know the language (yet!). Luckily, cleaning is the same in every language. I do wish, however, that he would have recruited another family. Cleaning the church with two people (and a baby which means in reality it's a solo/tag team effort) takes a while.

I felt incredibly blessed as I listened to conference this year. I was overwhelmed by all that I have. I was hit with the strength that comes when we consistently do the little things. I was also struck by the impression to relish in all that is good. Because there is so much good around.


Linae said...

This last sentence of this post gives me a lot of strength in theses times of struggling. Thank you for that.

mjots said...

Okay I wanted to cry seeing that picture of Ada. She is already getting changing so much (and you can see her darling blond hair!). Miss and love you all. Ebry. day.

Fancy Nancy said...

You should have left Ada home! She is growing up so fast, I hardly recognize her. Give her a squeeze from me.

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