Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A few things about The Lou

This morning I was changing Ada's diaper. It was probably her biggest dirty diaper yet. As soon as I opened up the velcro tabs she flipped and started crawling. Across my bed. With her naked poopy bum. It's like she was a racehorse in the stables waiting for the doors to open before launching into a flat out sprint (read crawl).

I quickly scooped her up and held her away from my body as I walked to the kitchen sink (where we bathe her here) and called Mikey for backup. (Get the diaper off the bed! Grab a towel! The soap! The sink stopper! Help!)

As I was filling the sink she peed on my sweats and my left slipper. Awesome.

* * *

Ada is getting quite brave. She'll walk along the couch with one hand until she reaches the end and then try to go further without holding on. She plops to the ground every time. But she's like the Little Engine Who Could and keeps trying.

* * *

I think she may be left handed. At least she uses it more and with better dexterity. We'll see if the right hand catches up (or takes over). If not, at least I know she's in good company being a lefty even if we have to buy special scissors.

* * *

I have officially taken on a few more roles as Ada's mother. I'm now a finger food (ouch) and a teether (double-ouch. But she's only drawn blood once). Glad I can be here for all of Ada's developmental needs. I am her mama after all.


Linae said...

I seriously can't wait to see you guys again. I can't believe she's already starting to walk. Wow.
As for the left-handedness: I could fill you in about the main struggles. There are not many.. :)
So glad to hear you're doing well. Miss you!

Morgan and Holly said...

Aww, we miss you guys! We were just talking about Ms. Ada at dinner group last night and how glad we are that we can read you blog and see how big she is getting! Hope you guys are still loving your adventure!

mjots said...

Do you know how happy I was when I read that she might be left-handed? Apart from the ink stains constantly on the side of my hand it's the best! Just think of what an asset she'll be on the lacrosse field, haha.

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