Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Month 8

I have been grateful a million times over that I have Ada here with me. Italy would be so lonely without her. It's a lesson in trusting in the Lord's timing. And that life is more fun with kids.

To celebrate 8 months, she wore a gold tutu and stripey tights. We went to the grocery store and to the library where a little boy toddler kissed her a dozen times (several on the mouth! Hi germy kid, maybe take it down a notch) and only stopped once I moved Ada out of the reach of his lips. She's a doll, a bambolina, and we love her so.


Elle Keeps Moving said...

why did this video almost make me cry?

alison said...

This video made my cry. Video clips with Ada normally do but want to know what made this time worse? I was in class when i watched it. I bet people were wondering who the girl the back corner was and why she was crying.

P.s. Nice song. I miss you guys more and more.

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