Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First stumbles

Ada is nearly walking. Seriously. She balances well and can take a few wobbly steps when she's well balanced first. Mikey and I had a mini-debate tonight over whether or not to count what she did today as "her first steps." I say no. He says, "What, you're going to wait until she goes (he stomps around, puts his hands up to his mouth megaphone style), 'Mom get me a cookie!'" Answer: no. But I'm not ready to admit that she may or may not have taken her first steps.

First steps make her one part toddler. I'm not ready for toddler. Get back in your bassinet you baby! Fall asleep on my chest. Let me swaddle you. Stay small. Coo again.

She has also taken to blowing on her food. I guess she's seen me do it. She blows it off the spoon now and again. Or waits until it touches her lips to splatter it all over. Speaking of splatter, tub time has turned into a mop-the-kitchen-floor-after-we're-done thing. She has figured out splashing. Big time.

Watching her grow and develop is one part exciting, one part terrifying (she can pull that down now? she got where? she did what?), and one part sentimental. While parts of me long to have my sweet newborn back, I love how much fun I have with her as she learns and explores. She's a curious one.


Linae said...

Does her shirt say "Ich bin bald 1"? Because if it does.. I am sure this "soon" will turn into an eternity if she keeps on growing at that pace. By turning 1 she might be able to read her own birthday cards... :)
Love Ada so much.

Anne said...

Ok. Here's a funny one about the shirt. Annett didn't even get the play on 'bald' when she bought it. She was just looking for a baby shirt with German on it since most in Germany have English words on them. When we told her how funny it was that it fit so well with Ada's baldness, she laughed and laughed. In German, it means I will soon be 1; or something to that effect.
And, for the record--I'm not counting it as walking. Not til I see it with my own eyes!! Denial, denial, denial.

Anne said...

ok. Funny story on the shirt--When Annett bought the shirt, she was only looking for a baby shirt with German writing on it (most of them in Germany have English words on them). So when we told her how we laughed and laughed about the play on the word "bald" and how perfectly it went with Ada, she really had a belly laugh. She hadn't realized! It really says something to the effect "I am soon 1".

And I'm not "counting" that as walking. Not until I see it with my own eyes. Denial, denial, denial.

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