Thursday, March 15, 2012

About as constant as the weather

My afternoons have looked much like this lately. So far, I like our Spring routine: errands done before noon, a quick lunch, maybe the park for a few hours and then home for Ada's nap. While she sleeps, I paint. It's what I always wanted my life to look like; balancing mothering and art making in a way that wasn't stressful or burdensome for me or my kids.

But probably as all phases go, this one will undoubtedly be short. Naps are evolutionary things that are about as constant as the weather. And we move back to The States in less than three months. An onslaught of tumult will undoubtedly ensue as we shift into another gear and try to root ourselves again.

It hardly seems real. Just three months?

I remember our first night here so vividly. Mike and I were both overwhelmed and nearly paralyzed by questions of: What have we done? Is this the right thing to be doing? Where are we? I think we would both quickly answer all of those questions now with a resolute: Yes. This was the perfect thing for us to do.

But until things get unsteady again, I'm going to ride this calm wave while I can and hopefully pump out a few paintings in the process.


Anna Peterson said...

Hooray for calm seasons.

Fancy Nancy said...

Okay, so I want one of your Bologna paintings! Sleep sweet Ada, sleep.

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