Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To Pango Pango and back

 Playing cu-cu! in birthday clothes from Grandma and Grandpa (the package finally came! And yes Dad, it looks like it went to Pango Pango and back).
Ada is relishing in the fact that she's already in tantrum stage. We like to call it, the "floppy-stomp" and it can be expected at about any time of the day, especially when transitioning from one activity (like reading) to another (like going outside).

It wears me out quickly, but I'm making a conscious effort (and saying mini-prayers all day) that I can keep calm and carry on.

Meanwhile, I relish even more in nap times and bedtime. But last night, after I put Ada to bed and finished the dishes, I could hear her in her crib quietly doing her lune call (as we call it), and playing peek-a-boo (but she learned it the Italian way and says, "Cu-cu!"). I wanted so badly to go in and watch her cover her eyes and throw them off while saying "cuh-coo!"

I could sense that she was in a happy, calm mood, and I wanted to share in it.

So I went in. Mike was in a test review and I had nothing else tugging at my time. I got her out of her crib and we laid on the bed together singing, playing cu-cu and trading the pacifier back and forth. She was sweet and soft and giggled quietly as we played.

It was a reassuring moment that, yes, she's doing just fine. And I'm doing okay too.

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