Monday, March 19, 2012

Becoming a little person

After just over 30 minutes at the new museum in town, Mike and I bustled out of there with our bored and anxious toddler. The whole time I was thinking, How will I change her between now and April when my parents come and we plan on hitting up several museums and sites a day for over a week?!

Poor thing.

But after a quiet Sunday, I was struck by the thought that Ada has been spending an eternity prior to coming to me forming a personality and becoming the little person she is right now. So while I still believe I can teach her, I recognized that I can't change the fundamentals. They're out of my control. She's only been my daughter for thirteen months, but she's been Someone Else's for an eternity. And I think He has a pretty good handle on parenting.

The realization didn't solve my museum conundrum, but it did make me feel like Ada is spectacular. 

Ada's latest trick: climbing onto the kitchen table. Oh what fun!


Morgan and Holly said...

Paige, I just can't believe how grown up she is!!! Last time we all saw her was the end of summer and she was still a little baby. She is just as adorable now as she was then. Hope you are all doing well!

Rampaw said...

What you have there is a little monkey that loves to climb anything and everything. Reminds me of my first little girl. Oh what fun!

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