Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A few things

I am starting to be a regular at a few fruttivendoli (and a macelleria) around town. It's been fun to feel like I'm really part of a community here. People recognize Ada and I when we walk in their store or up to their stand a just a sense of familiarity does a lot to make you feel at home. Another bonus is deals and free fruit (if you're as cute–or maybe as demanding–as Ada. She can sure work a crowd. When we pull up to the fruit stand and she sees the clementines, she goes nuts, so they usually give her one or two to chomp on while I order). I really can't wait for asparagus season. It's just days away!

I went to a pescheria today (that's where you buy fish). The smell has kept me away before now, but I feel like our home menu is tired and needed something new. We're trying a balsamic-glazed salmon tonight. I'm always pleasantly surprised at how naturally interacting with the vendors is becoming. I have the vocab and phrases down (though I had to learn a few new words so I could order my fish).

The largest international children's book fair is in Bologna right now. Ada and I went and checked it out yesterday. A giant fox was reading to a big group of ragazzi and Ada did her classic arm-in-the-air-I-want-to-touch-that-thing move when she saw him. I think we might buy a book (for Easter maybe? I remember getting Goosebumps books one Easter. How festive, right?)

The director of recruitment and admissions posted a short summary of our experience on House Hunters International on his blog and tipped me off to the fact that a segment of our episode has been posted on YouTube. You can watch it HERE.

It's spring. As in, officially, calendarily, it's spring!

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Elle Keeps Moving said...

YESSSS! I finally got to see you guys on the big screen! You all look so great and I love your place. Jealous, as usual.

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