Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And another one

I was awake for this one. I thought it was just Mike with his constantly bouncing legs shaking the couch—turns out it was something a bit more tectonic.

The house shook for a while, we heard people leaving the building, maybe we should have evacuated, but Ada was sleeping and I'm not about to throw off any semblance of a sleep schedule right before our flight.

An aftershock hit while we were in the library. It was only a short tremor, I hardly even noticed it, but a few parents swooped upon their babies and ran for the door frame. We looked around, took Ada by the hand and wondered, "Do we really have to leave?" Yes. They evacuated all the buildings. Including the library. But at least we returned our books on time.

Hundreds of business people in their pressed clothes and sun glasses gathered in the piazzas and were almost all on their cell phones saying, "Hai sentito il terramoto?"

By the time we got to the grocery store people were beginning to be let inside the buildings again. Great timing since I had to pick up a few things for our flight early tomorrow morning.

Before the aftershock hit we were sitting in Piazza Galvani sharing and orange and soaking up the last few rays of Italian sun for a little while. I told Mike that on days like this—perfect weather, fresh food, time with my little family—I never want to go. But maybe I shouldn't be so sad to leave after all. This place is getting way too shaky.


Shane Rowley said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures there in Italy. You have had a great experience. I kind of wish you weren't coming home because I will miss reading about you every day. Thanks for sharing!
Mr. Rowley

thepalmierifamily said...

We'll miss you more than you can imagine, but I'm excited for more adventures coming your way. Love you!

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