Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skip to my Lou, my darling

This Ada-girl keeps me on my toes. Summer would be so boring without her. We were in the park last night having a picnic with friends. Towards the end as I was folding blankets she ran at me, squealing as she came in for the tackle. It was such a great moment. The sun low, casting long shadows. The temperature perfect. The grass green. The sky blue. The baby happy. The mama full.

Dear Utah,

Your summers make me love you. I'm so glad I dropped in for this one.

Your Utah Girl


Meg Morley Walter said...

Where do you get her cute headbands?

Paige Crosland Anderson said...

funny you're asking me that because i have nearly asked you a dozen times about those darling knotted ones ivy wears. i make most of the little flower ones (like the rose one in the second photo) and the flat bow kind i bought on etsy at this shop:

your turn! what's your headband secret?

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