Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eyes wide open, unknowing

Waking up to an orangesicle sunrise was the cherry on top to my beautiful day that ended just hours earlier. I regret not spending time reading stories from my pioneer ancestors, or perhaps just reading a few talks or scriptures, but I think spending time with our present-day families—and really enjoying them—might pay just as much honor to our heritage than visiting some headstones, or reading old journals. Maybe not. But I'm going with it this year.

My heart was nearly bursting all day long. Having Mikey home during the day mid-week is always a treat for me. We stayed the night at my aunt's house along with OlderAndWiserToo and her husband. I have flashes of the day on repeat in my brain:
We had pancakes for breakfast and splashed in the pool.
Ada ate grapefruit and goldfish and carried a green plastic chair all over the yard.
She went down the slide and landed in the grass.
Mike pushed her around the yard in the red plastic car while the two of the took turns making all the car sounds we know.
We played in the basement with balls of all sizes.
Mike got Ada dressed and ready while I took a shower.
We just felt happy.  Content.
We went to the MOA and felt the beauty of another culture's aesthetic.
I felt close to God.
I felt grateful.
 felt proud of my family (even though Ada was about as hyper as I've ever seen her, holding her cup of pretzel sticks and running helter-skelter, through the wide galleries).
Making dinner with many helping hands.
Sharing a meal.

It all made me so excited to begin a new adventure together in a month. I'm excited for all of it. I know some of what to expect, but have a firm awareness that the unknowns will soon take over. But I'm beginning to like it this way: eyes wide open, unknowing, but grateful.

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