Thursday, August 9, 2012

Climbed up the water spout

Lovin' her some mirror time
I was unpinning my crown braid in front of the bathroom mirror, reviewing the day in my mind and letting my eyes unfocus. They startled back into focus as they caught a spider jump out of the braided nest on my head as my hands reached its former home. It crawled onto my shoulder. I frantically brushed it onto the floor and finished unpinning, heart rate a little faster now.

I feel like there's something significant there. Cleaning out the spiders. A fresh start.

I get to this point before every move. Anxious. Just ready to be on the road. Not that I'm ever unhappy where I'm at, it's just that I'm not good with anticipation. I've begun gathering things to pack in (have you seen the 22 gallon size Ziplock Totes?!) and checked things off my list: ready the car, ready the kitchenware, ready my mind. 

Two weeks and counting...

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