Thursday, August 30, 2012

Travellog: Utah to Nebraska

** We made it safely, gratefully and happily. We're cheery and getting settled in. Mikey starts his program next week and until then, we're filling our days buying, assembling, acquiring, doing a bit of exploring and making friends.**

Snippets from the road:

We started our trip headed north through Provo Canyon, wedged between semis and construction cones. The sunrise came just after 6:00 am.  The first bluish light turned warm. It wasn't particularly noteworthy or beautiful except for the way it reflected in the puddles in the median.

We drove through fog in the Wyoming mountains before in burned away, leaving just the dry, rocky Mars-like landscape of the eastern part of the state. The one striking feature: the big sky.

Ada didn't sleep much and has proved to be much more of a reader than a movie-watcher. As we entered Nebraska we saw dry streams, rocky fields, miles of fences.  We neighed at the horses and mooed at the cows and sang songs about spiders and lambs and wheels.

We'll slept in Nebraska  tonight after filling up at a local Mexican joint in Kearney.

We made arrangements to eat breakfast early, just after 5, so we can get a few hours of driving before Ada wakes up for the day.

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