Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A check in

I'm in the middle of painting the front door, but I wanted to stop in and say we are happy and beginning to love it here (the love at first sight wore off a bit when I realized, Wait! I have no friends! Some things are far away! August in DC feels like living in an armpit!) but the affair is up and running again now that the weather is perfect.

Ada and I rode to the park last night and watched dozens of dogs chasing balls and getting some green time. This morning we were back there again on a family jog. There were still more dogs than babies but the 7am-ers is sure a different crowd (by about 30 years) from the 7pm-ers. It was quiet and lovely. The crisp morning air begs to be run through.

After The Lou's morning nap today we headed to the National Museum of the American Indian. It was a short ride (14 minutes according to Google maps, though I could have done it quicker had I not taken their funky route) and a fun outing. They have a section just for kids to tinker and play called imagiNATIONS. Most of the activities are geared towards kids a bit older than Ada, but she still had a great time coloring, listening to bird calls, climbing in and out of the kayak, reading books, and hanging out in the tipi. As a bonus, there's an awesome view of the Capitol Building. And even though we only live blocks away from it, I still think it's cool to look at every time we pass by.

channeling her inner Inuit
listening to water birds

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Kelsey Bourgeois said...

Fun to stop in and read your blog, I'm also in a new place with a new life figuring out how to do the things I used to do and it's nice to read what you're thinking.

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