Monday, September 10, 2012

VA Beach getaway

Friday morning I got a text from my aunt inviting us down to Virginia Beach for the weekend. I forwarded the message along to Mike, expecting that he was probably too busy this weekend preparing for his classes. Instead he shot back a, "Sounds fun. Let's do it!" I love this boy of mine . . .

As soon as he finished his test and pedaled home, we loaded up and jumped in the car. It was such a fun okay-fine-the-summer-really-is-over trip. An especially big-time thank you to Mike and Kimber!

Saturday was picture-perfect. Ada loved the sand, asking for us to bury her again and again. We'd mound the sand high, pat it down flat, and then she'd wiggle her toes. She was genuinely surprised each time they popped through the sand and would laugh until asking, "Agee?" And we'd start all over again.

As soon as she saw the water, she ran as fast as we've ever seen her head-long into the waves. The water was chest high on her and she was still trying to move her little body deeper into the ocean. It's so indicative of her little personality.

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