Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I felt like a good mom today. Mike took the computer with him for the day, so I knew there could be no crutches (i.e. Elmo and Renee & Jeremy videos) used as distractions and time-buyers. I looked out the window. Fog. It looked cold even though the weather report said it would be in the 50's.

It had been months since I'd gone on a run. For me, usually the hardest part is getting out the door. In today's case, I had to change a tire on the stroller (my pseudo-fix from last Summer just isn't cutting it anymore). But I suited up, geared up, babied up, and out the door we went. I was so happy and it wasn't too cold.

When we got to the park I let Ada out of her stroller and we chased each other around the statue until the fluffiest white dog in the world bounded over and we let it lick our faces.

She wanted to jump in the puddles. Normally I groan a little inside thinking about the mud and the water, and the uncomfortable whiny baby that usually emerges from the the water. Maybe the run invigorated me. Or maybe I've been inspired enough by other women lately who let their kids lap up water from puddles and explore to their hearts content. Either way, in she went, hopping up and down the length of the shallow pool. After a few minutes she sat down in it, her fleece pants acting like sponges. I told her to stand up, she responded with a squawk, and I realized that the damage was already done.

So she sat in the water for a few minutes until every inch of her were soaked from the waist down.

After we was done I stripped her down to just her diaper and coat, put my sweatshirt on her—legs through the arm holes—and zipped her up tight in the stroller sleeping bag. We jogged home quickly, not stopping once on the way.

The morning set the tone for the rest of our near-perfect day.

Maybe I should loosen up a little.

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